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I know, I had promise the King... but!

Well, last night I didn't get a chance to ink him completely.
So there, I have a comic strip for you guys.
I also will be linking my sexy drawing of the Queen I have on my DA.
I will try posting at least a drawing per day here so people can enjoy!
I am also a fanfic writer and I have started one recently, but I will share the one I saw on AFF on the net where I post mine :)
Oh, I think most of the stuff is work safe today :)
EH! Don't mind my drawing skills, like I said, I was only sketching last night, couldn't make the lines perfect and pretty with my ink pens :O

1-First of all, a comic strip starring Ichigo and the Prince:

2-Next up, the Queen, feathered:
(copy/paste this link in your browser if it does not appear as one.)

3-Now I am going to test tags, althought the image that I made was censored (I censored it), let's see if I understand tags.


Ok, ok... That was a big update... I am sure you want more... :P

I'll add the link to the fanfic I read now too long ago then, and tomorrow there will be more... :)
(I might run out of stuff eventually XD)
Here it is, love&sex&katamari by Kim McFarland <33333


Ok ok... big update, ne...

I just love this community... XD

Laterz darling!
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